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Hi! my name is Jacqui, and I love elephants. I'm also an avid yogi and film fan. This year, I've harnessed my interests to create a very special fundraising event. On December the 5th, I'll be hosting I <3 Elephants at Studio 34 in Philadelphia. This inspiring event will feature a Breathe and Flow Yoga class by studio co-owner and elephant lover Angela Norris, followed by an exclusive screening of The Eyes of Thailand, a ten-time award-winning documentary by Windy Borman. All donations collected at the fundraiser will go to Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE) - the world's first elephant hospital and the subject of The Eyes of Thailand. But no matter where you live, you can support FAE and help make the fundraiser a success through this campaign



Friends of the Asian elephant was founded in 1993 by Soraida Salwala. The hospital provides assistance and care to Thailand's elephants, many of whom have been put to work in the logging and tourist industries. To date, she and her staff have treated over 3,600 elephants for everything from eye infections to knife and gunshot wounds, from drug addictions to contaminated soil. FAE also provides assistance to pregnant elephants and newborns. But FAE - which survives on donations - is perhaps best known for pioneering the design of prosthetic limbs for Motala (injured in 1999) and Mosha (injured in 2007, shown "then and now" in the photos below), both survivors of landmine accidents (the actual prosthetic legs were made by The Prostheses Foundation). Both Motala and Mosha are alive today - and reside permanently at FAE - thanks to Soraida and her team. 



In 2007 filmmaker Windy Borman met Soraida Salwala. Ms. Borman was so inspired that she dedicated six years of her life to documenting Soraida's tireless devotion and selfless efforts on film. The Eyes of Thailand is the result of their collaboration. Click on the image to view the trailer and to learn more about FAE, Thailand's elephants, and Soraida.


I am thrilled and honored to be hosting this event, and wish the world could attend. But I also need to be realistic. Everyone doesn't live in Philadelphia, and not everyone who does live in Philly enjoys yoga. That's why I've set up this campaign. Out-of-towners, non-yoga-people, and anyone else inspired by Soraida can help. If you check out the perks, you'll see that I am offering the dvd copy of the film after the screening to one lucky sponsor. For a better idea of the bracelet perks, see the photo below (fyi: the elephant charm is about the length of 2-3 beads).



Please Note: Anglea and Studio 34 have generously donated studio space, time, and an entire class to this fundraiser. I am purchasing the bracelet materials myself, making them by hand, and donating my copy of the film as a perk. The public screening of any film requires purchase of a screening license. A portion of the funds raised by this campaign will go towards the licensing fee - anything above that will go to FAE.


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